Contribution to Digital Sustainability

//Contribution to Digital Sustainability

Contribution to Digital Sustainability

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Everyone is talking about digitalization and its potential for change. Let's stop talking and start doing! By paying this fee you can contribute to digital sustainability and sustainable digitalization. Depending on your budget, we will develop a small or big tailor-made sustainability cooperation/project for you. More details below.

To inspire you, you can select from some flagship projects and potential partners in sustainable digitalization.

One-time payment.
Price for sustainability fee is a recommendation only – feel free to contribute more.
Exact project price and terms to be discussed.

Choose projects/potential partners

We have selected some organizations with whom it might be interesting to start a cooperation on digital sustainability.

Or propose your own project partner

Financial contribution

We recommend to allocate 5-10% of your total project sum for sustainability projects.



Will digitalization make the world a better place? Can the digital revolution be environmentally sustainable? Does ARaction perform an educational/cultural function, or is Augmented Reality just a meaningless gimmick?
All these questions can be discussed controversially – and we are certainly open to discuss it with you.

Meanwhile, what we know for sure is that every digital project consumes resources and energy – a lot. The devices we use are mostly produced under unclear conditions and shipped across the globe. Due to rapid technological change, their service life is limited to a few years. Recycling issues have not really been solved yet. And important raw materials used to build smartphones (like coltan or tantalum) still too often come from civil war-ravaged countries.

We neither want to dramatize nor whitewash those facts – but we all have to deal with them! As a start-up company, our influence on manufacturers is quite limited, but we’ll try our best to push them to raise their standards and work on alternatives.
To increase our impact, we decided to set up this voluntary sustainability fee. Thereby, we give our customers the chance to compensate (at least partly) for environmental and social damage that digital tools inevitably cause at the moment. With this fee you can contribute to changing the current situation and make digitalization more sustainable.

If you decide to pay this fee, we will get in touch with you and discuss the details: What projects should be supported? How do we achieve the biggest possible impact? ARaction will take on all project management and planning tasks to realize these sustainability cooperation projects.