Welches Team steht hinter ARaction?2018-01-07T00:17:13+02:00

Zusammen können wir auf über zehn Jahre Berufserfahrung im Bereich Ausstellungsdesign zurückgreifen: Wir kennen den typischen Workflow, wir wissen, wie man Besucher durch den realen Raum führt, und wie man Objekte in eine spannende Szenographie einbettet.

Wir sind Mediendesigner, Software- und Webentwickler sowie Sprachexperten. In administrativen Fragen werden wir von einem Juristen unterstützt.

Was ist ein „Authoring Tool“ für AR?2018-01-07T00:22:58+02:00

Mit einem Authoring Tool können Sie ganz leicht interaktive multimediale Erlebnisse schaffen. ARaction, spezialisiert auf die Erstellung von Augmented Reality Präsentationen, ist so ein Tool. Es nimmt Ihnen die harte Arbeit ab, verarbeitet all Ihre Daten und die Medienelemente im Hintergrund und projiziert Ihre virtuellen Elemente in die Realität. Inzwischen können Sie sich auf das konzentrieren, was wirklich zählt: den Aufbau und den Inhalt Ihrer AR-Präsentation.

Warum sollte ich ARaction verwenden statt mein AR-Erlebnis manuell zu programmieren?2018-01-07T00:33:55+02:00

Haben Sie jemals Gras ohne einen Rasenmäher geschnitten? Oder einen Kuchen gebacken, ohne einen Mixer zu verwenden? Natürlich kann man diese Dinge auch mit der Hand machen – aber wenn es um eindrucksvolle Augmented Reality Präsentationen geht, kommen Sie mit ARaction viel leichter und schneller ans Ziel. Mit ARaction können Sie bis zu 95% der Entwicklungskosten für Ihre AR-Präsentation einsparen!

Abgesehen von Komfort, Geldersparnis und Geschwindigkeit, bringt ARaction einen weiteren wesentlichen Vorteil: Flexibilität! Mit unserer Authoring Software können Sie Ihre Inhalte viel leichter in zukünftigen Präsentationen wiederverwenden oder auf mehreren Geräten anzeigen lasse.

Was ist das ARaction WordPress Plugin?2018-01-06T23:48:50+02:00

Our ARaction WP plugin functions as a fully fledged and extremely versatile Content Management System (CMS) for Augmented Reality (AR). It makes it very easy to edit your presentations, assign multimedia content to markers, and distribute it to a large number of devices. For big AR applications, e.g. if you want to use Augmented Reality in museums, our WordPress plugin is a good deal safer. And the best thing: By using WordPress we benefit from an almost limitless ecosystem – if you want to display some special interactive HTML content in your AR presentation (e.g. a quiz or an animated slider) chances are that someone already did the job for you and provides a plugin for that. This will reduce your development costs and save a lot of time!
Additionally, our WordPress plugin has the ability to convert WP posts or pages to static HTML, which can then be displayed in Augmented Reality – even if your devices are offline.

To sum it up:
With ARaction and our WordPress plugin, creating Augmented Reality has become incredibly easy!

Wo kann ich das ARaction WordPress Plugin downloaden?2018-01-06T23:49:43+02:00

ARaction WordPress plugin will be available soon. We will then publish the download link here.

Wer kann ARaction verwenden? Welche sind die Zielgruppen von ARaction?2018-01-07T00:04:41+02:00

ARaction is made for anyone who wants to create professional Augmented Reality presentations. When developing ARaction, we primarily had a professional target group in mind: curators, media designers, exhibition designers, architects, communication specialists, lecturers, teachers, and people with a background in IT and technology sectors.
Of course, ARaction can also be used by students, NGOs or private people who want to impress with advanced AR presentations. Find out more about typical areas of application for ARaction here.

Welche verschiedenen Lizenzpläne gibt es und wie weiß ich, welcher für mich geeignet ist?2018-01-07T00:04:04+02:00

We offer a FREE, a BASIC and a PRO version:

  • With the FREE version, you can test ARaction and get familiar with the concept of AR presentations.
  • The BASIC version is perfect for customers who want to use ARaction on a few devices only. BASIC users will have access to our most important features and it is the most a cost-effective solution to create AR presentations (one-time payment).
  • If you have a bigger project in mind in which you want to change content regularly on many devices, we recommend ARaction PRO (billed monthly). With ARaction PRO you will have access to advanced synchronizing features and our ARaction WordPress plugin for managing your content. Additionally, with ARaction PRO you have access to our design and development services and will get premium support!

Click here to display a full feature list and to compare versions.

Was bietet ARaction an?2018-01-07T00:03:05+02:00

ARaction mainly offers two things:
1. Software: A sophisticated computer program for creating advanced Augmented Reality presentations – with a big variety of features and tools for private and professional customers.
2. Services: Project management, design, content creation, customization, special development, technology consulting and hardware rental for Augmented Reality applications.

Wie kann ich ARaction für eine interaktive Präsentation verwenden?2018-01-07T00:02:24+02:00

Basically you can do four things with ARaction:

  1. Scan your presentation space: ARaction will automatically create a 3D model of your environment and remember where your objects, floors, doors, windows etc. are located.
  2. Add virtual markers: You can place virtual markers all over your space that can be seen with a mobile device (e.g. a smartphone or mixed reality headset).
  3. Add multimedia content to your markers: You can now decide what happens when someone gets close to a marker or touches it – e.g. display videos, audio, text, or even interactive 3D models perfectly matched in real space!
  4. Customize your AR experience: Change the look and behavior of your presentation, add trigger areas/events or use our ARaction WordPress plugin (PRO version only) to manage and distribute your content.
Ist ARaction mit Tango, ARCore, ARKit und Microsoft HoloLense kompatibel?2018-01-07T00:08:22+02:00
  • ARaction is currently compatible with Google Tango devices.
  • We plan to bring it to Google’s ARCore devices in early 2018. Our goal is to establish ARaction as the industry standard authoring tool and content management system for AR presentations with ARCore.
  • ARKit support will eventually follow in 2018.
  • Support for Microsoft HoloLense is available for a single development fee.

Please also check ARaction system requirements.

Welche Systemvoraussetzungen werden für die Benutzung von ARaction benötigt?2018-01-13T23:36:42+02:00
Wofür kann ARaction eingesetzt werden?2018-01-06T23:55:05+02:00

ARaction can be used anywhere to create AR presentations without any physical markers or network infrastructure. Show your products to customers, explain the use of industry machines to your employees directly at their place of work, or show digital reconstructions in your museum – ARaction is the perfect tool whenever you want to add digital content to real world objects.
To get an overview of possible fields of application, have a look here.

Worin liegt der Innovationscharakter von ARaction?2018-01-06T23:59:42+02:00

ARaction combines technical innovations that have never been combined before:

  1. It is the world’s first professional authoring tool for AR presentations that also offers an easy to use content management system on the basis of WordPress.
  2. It does not need any physical markers, no Bluetooth beacons, no WiFi infrastructure, no QR codes – and thereby safes a lot of maintenance costs, time and money.
  3. It seamlessly connects a powerful 3D engine (Unity 3D) with state-of-the-art AR technology (like Tango and ARCore).

To sum it up: We make it incredibly easy and efficient to create advanced AR presentations.

Was ist ARaction?2018-01-06T23:58:00+02:00

Lets draw a comparison to explain this:

Guess you know Microsoft PowerPoint? Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular presentation program. You use it to create your presentations and show them live to your audience.

ARaction works quite similarly: You prepare presentations on a smartphone in „Edit Mode“, switch to „Presentation Mode“ and hand it over to your audience. And this is where the magic happens: Your audience can walk through your rooms and explore your content, like video, audio, text, or even real-scale 3D models on their own.

In technical terms: ARaction is a unique and advanced authoring tool for Augmented Reality presentations.

Was bedeutet das AR in ARaction?2018-01-06T23:57:46+02:00

AR is the acronym for Augmented Reality.

Wikipedia describes AR as „[…] a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are „augmented“ by computer-generated or extracted real-world sensory input such as sound, video, graphics […] or GPS data.“

In simple terms: we project virtual objects into the real world!